Tree-mendous 3D Machine Embroidery Pattern CD

$34.95 USD

Well, the days are getting shorter, the leaf piles are getting taller, and it’s time to start the Christmas gifts, so how about this new twist on the old favorite Tree-mendous to kick off the season! As the name suggests, this tree is 3-dimensional and consists of 3-piece double-sided panels, assembled in the 6x10 hoop, which are then sewn together to make a free-standing multi-panel tree (I did 6 panels in the sample) standing an impressive 16½” tall (not counting the top bow). Also included is a double-sided tree mat (14¼” across at its widest point), created entirely in the hoop, to which you may hand-tack the tree for additional stability or use as a festive plate charger/placemat. The tree features fleece batting and lots of pretty decorative stitching and offers countless opportunities for embellishments, and the mat features traditional diamond-motif quilting as well as fleece batting. The tutorial details how to create the sample look of 3 strategically-used fabrics for a festive look for both the tree and mat. So take advantage of the gorgeous holiday fabrics now in the stores and get in the holiday spirit in 3D!

Anita Goodesign