Inked Sewing and Quilting Machine Embroidery Pattern CD

$24.50 USD

Inked - Sewing and Quilting is the first in a series of machine embroidery designs illustrated by Heather Corey and digitized by Vanessa Fromm. These designs look fabulous on bags, purses, pillows and clothing!

This pattern contains the following:

A collection of machine embroidery designs in the following formats: art60, .art, .dst, .exp, .hus, .jef, .pes, .shv and .vp3.  Each design comes in two sizes. Requires a hoop with an embroidery field at least 145mm x 255mm (5.7” x 10.00”). 

Instructions and color recommendations for stitching out each design.

Design Sizes:

  • Runs with Scissors (Small):  H: 6.61”  (167.8mm) W: 5.00” (127.0mm)
  • Runs with Scissors (Large):  H: 8.00”  (203.2mm) W: 6.05” (153.7mm)
  • Stitch Please (Small):   H: 6.61”  (167.8mm) W: 5.00” (127.0mm)
  • Stitch Please (Large):   H: 8.00”  (203.2mm) W: 6.05” (153.7mm)
  • Born to Quilt (Small):   H: 5.00”  (127.0mm) W: 8.25” (209.6mm)
  • Born to Quilt (Large):   H: 6.00”  (152.4mm) W: 9.60” (243.8mm)
  • Born to Sew (Small):     H: 5.00”  (127.0mm) W: 8.25” (209.6mm)
  • Born to Sew (Large):   H: 6.00”  (152.4mm) W: 9.60” (243.8mm)
  • Made to Measure (Small):  H: 6.52”  (165.6mm) W: 5.00” (127.0mm)
  • Made to Measure (Large):  H: 7.50”  (190.5mm) W: 5.75” (146.1mm)
  • Measure Twice (Small): H: 6.52”  (165.6mm) W: 5.00” (127.0mm)
  • Measure Twice (Large): H: 7.50”  (190.5mm) W: 5.75” (146.1mm
  • Large Rose:   H: 3.41”  (86.61mm) W: 3.41” (86.61mm)
  • Small Rose:   H: 2.92”  (74.15mm) W: 2.44” (62.81mm)
  • Rose Bud:     H: 3.24”  (82.47mm) W: 1.82” (46.21mm)
  • Left and Right Bird:   H: 6.00”  (152.4mm) W: 3.60” (91.38mm)

by Fabric Confetti