Pretty & Posh Zipper Pouches - Kimberbell Machine Embroidery Pattern CD

$44.98 USD

Kimberbell’s Pretty & Posh Zipper Pouches are beautifully simple and very giftable! Made completely in-the-hoop, each of the four styles comes in small, medium, and large sizes for a total of 12 embroidery files. Stitch your pouches with Kimberbell Pretty Petals Fabric Collection, add matching, hand-dyed zippers and tassels, and top with embossed leather tags! With quilted stitching and a fully-lined interior, Pretty & Posh Zipper Pouches have your style in the bag.

Eloise Zipper Pouch

Orange peel quilting and sage Velveteen are exquisite on Kimberbell’s Eloise Zipper Pouch! Add a pop of pink with a hand-dyed tassel and embossed leather tag.

Margot Zipper Pouch

Kimberbell’s Margot Zipper Pouch features Pretty Petals fabric to match the lavender, hand-dyed zipper. Top with Antique White Velveteen and a grey leather tag!

Penelope Zipper Pouch

Embroidery Leather corners and decorative stitching perfectly frame Kimberbell’s Penelope Zipper Pouch. Add an embossed leather tag with a lovely leaf cluster!

Rosalind Zipper Pouch

Kimberbell’s Rosalind Zipper Pouch features chic chevron stripes and a tag embossed with sweet, loopy flowers. Add a taupe tassel for an extra-fun flair!

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