Squarely Layered Class - June 25 & July 9 (6-8:30)

$35.00 USD

Squarely Layered (Beginner) | Tuesdays, June 25 & July 9 (6-8:30) 

Start with a layer cake and all the cutting is done for you.  Such a great way to begin your quilting experience and finish up with the softest, comfiest throw that your entire family will love because the fabric is brushed, woven flannel.  Merle will teach you all you need to know to begin your quilting  experience, start to finish.

Instructor Merle Stensrud

Kit Available:


  • Kit or fabrics as needed according to the pattern
  • Sewing machine in good working order, oil if needed
  • Quarter foot sewing machine foot if you have one #39 (bring your accessory box if you are not sure)
  • Basic sewing machine supplies (needle, thread, pins, scissors, seam ripper)
  • All of the following supplies are available at class if you are unsure of exactly what to purchase (20% off discount in store for taking the class)
  • 100% cotton thread that matches most of your fat quarters
  • Rotary cutter with good blade
  • Cutting mat (Calico Hutch has classroom has cutting mats your can use but good to have your own for future use)
  • Quilters Ruler 24” and if you have a 12” bring it along
  • Optional - Shape cut ruler if you have one (the one with 1/2” slots for cutting and is 12x12”) (I will demonstrate if you have never used one)
  • Optional – 10 ½” square ruler
  • Cheap paper plates for hosting cut fabric and easy for transportation and stay organized
  • Usual quilting supplies that you can think of such as pins, scissors, etc.