Reminiscence Quilt Pattern


If you have a fabric waiting for the perfect project...this one will show it off!

Doug has been designing quilts and writing his own patterns since he was a teenager. Reminiscence Quilt Pattern creates three pre-cut friendly projects with a nostalgic feel. Stitch a table runner, throw or queen-sized quilt. Then, choose what size to make your project.

The pattern is full color and really highlights a beautiful feature fabric. Technique(s): Folded Corners and Strip Piecing!

Finished sizes:

Design A - Runner: 19” x 57”, Throw: 57” x 73”, Queen: 71” x 91”

Design B - Runner: 19” x 55”, Throw: 55” x ”73, Queen: 73” x 91”

Design C - Runner: 21” x 61”, Throw: 61” x 81”, Queen: 81” x 101”

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