Bernina Left-Handed Seam Guide

$12.38 USD

For even seams

  • Can be attached to almost all BERNINA feet
  • Ideal guidance aid for everyday use
  • For keeping seam spacings perfectly parallel
  • For clean and straight edges / seams

The Right and Left Seam Guide can be attached quite easily by sliding its rod through the appropriate holes in the presser foot, then tightening the screw. This tool is available in two versions, attached to the right or left of the needle, respectively.

The Right and Left Seam Guide makes it a cinch to maintain even distances between seams, allowing you to sew neat, straight edges and hems even on challenging sewing projects. For professional sewing of parallel seams, the Seam Guide with Scale is also available from the BERNINA special sewing accessories range, likewise in right- and left-of-the-needle versions. Marked in both centimeters and inches, the scale makes precise sewing of parallel rows very simple, to give your projects that smart professional look.