2023 Kimberbell Club

$10.00 USD

Kimberbell Club | Last Saturday of the month @ 10

For Kimberbell Club 2023 you will  enjoy seasonal smiles with Kimberbell Cuties, Vol. 2, January-June! All six table toppers are made entirely in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine, the quilted table toppers each finish to 22 x 22. The table toppers feature a variety of embellishments, coordinating block-by-block and border quilting designs, and 2” Bitty Blocks for the corners. Mary and Judy give you hands-on help with organizing, cutting, embroidering and totally completing each project. They answer questions and initiate discussions such as options of quilting in the hoop versus quilting the completed project. Club fee is only $10 for the year and includes a 20% discount toward purchases at each of the meetings and your kits. You will love completing the cute 22-inch table toppers.