Embroidery in the Hoop Class - Feb 16


Wednesday | Feb 16 (1-4)

Have you wondered about embroidery patterns which say “In The Hoop” on them? Take this class and Janet will show you how fun they are to make.  She will have a choice of three projects from which you can choose to make!  You will need your embroidery machine and equipment as well as the Bernina Oval Hoop (145 x 255) or one of comparable size if you sew on other machine brands.  

 Instructor Janet Hintermeister 


  • Patterns – your choice of the following:
    • Claudia’s Creations “In the Hoop” Birthday Coasters
    • Claudia’s Creations “In the Hoop” Valentine Coasters
    • Claudia’s Creations “In the Hoop” Easter Coasters
    • Also available are Claudia’s Patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Sewing and Christmas coaster patterns
  • 1/3 yard fabric cut into 6” x 6” squares for background fabric (top)
  • 1/3 yard fabric for backing (also cut into 6” x 6” squares). Can be the same or contrasting color!
  • Aqua Mesh Plus stabilizer
  • Batting – I’ll give you pieces of batting to use (There is a template for the correct size in the pattern and I’ll have one printed and available for you to use.) You will need three round pieces of batting for each coaster you make!
  • Thread – Each pattern has suggested colors and numbers. You, of course, can vary them and make your coasters in whichever color you choose! I’ve included the thread colors for the Birthday, Valentine, and Easter coasters and you will find the suggested colors for the other projects in the patterns.

Call me if you have any questions! You can make as many coasters in the class as you’d like. I actually use my large oval hoop and make two at a time but you can also use a smaller hoop and make them individually if you prefer. The patterns are on the CD’s in the patterns. If possible, transfer the patterns to a USB stick before class. If you are unable to do this, I’ll have my computer in class and can help you!


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