Crazy Quilting for Beginners Book

$9.95 USD

All the Basics to Get You Started by Sharon Boggon

Crazy quilting basics to get you started Rooted in the Victorian era, crazy quilting has a powerful allure for today's quilters, who use it to let loose and tell a unique story with fabric. These quilts are as beautiful as they are intimidating to beginner quilters — how do you know which fabric to choose and what in the world is a herringbone stitch? This beginner's guide covers all the basics — but just the basics! — to get you started on crazy quilting. Trained in fine arts, Sharon Boggon guides you through choosing fabric and introduces piecing methods for crazy-quilt blocks and solutions to common piecing problems. You’ll then navigate Boggon’s generous overview of foundation stitches, linear stitches, and motif stitches. Move forward in your crazy quilting journey with confidence, and use this handy pocket guide as a robust resource to lead the way!  Easily make embellishing decisions, including lace, ribbon, braids, and doilies. Learn how to correctly start and finish stitches. Start your project knowing how to mark the fabric and decorate seams, and combine stitches with a gallery of images by your side.

- 64 pages