Sew Steady Wish Table for 535/570/590 New Generation

$199.00 USD

For 535/570/590 New Generation

Sew Steady's portable sewing table gives you room to work even when you need to sew away from home.  This Wish sewing table is made of high-quality acrylic.  Three sides have beveled edges, and are comfortable to work on.  Since the table is clear, it can also be used as a light box.  This custom sewing table from Sew Steady comes with a universal table grid and table lock.

The really neat feature about this sewing table is the circle sewing tool that quilters and sewing alike enjoy using.  Circle sewing adds a unique way to add to your sewing projects.  You can not only sew a different color of fabric onto your project in a circle, you can then add your decorative stitches!

Wish table comes with holes and a circle sewing tool.

There is room under the table for storage. A 9" x 14" blue notions tray that is compartmentalized. 

Wish Table Package includes:

-22.5" x 25.5" table

-polish kit

-Table Lock

-Circles Sewing Kit

-Beveled edges on three sides

-9" X 14" compartmentalized notions tray.

For free arms longer than 13". These tables are special order and non-returnable.

Sew Steady / Westalee Design