Mama Zwazo

renew hope. rebuild families. restore justice

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"80% of children living in orphanages in Haiti have at least one living parent and are not true orphans + ⅔ of the population is unemployed = critical need for economic development to preserve families.

Mama Zwazo is a community driven business crafting hand made mama and baby goods in Port-au- Prince, Haiti. We aim to renew hope, rebuild family, and restore justice through whole-woman focused employment. We are in the early stages of launching our brand, and would love to have you join our story. You can view our online store here find our supply wish list, filled with the small things we need to ensure our products are the highest possible quality. Your supply purchases will allow us to fully stock our workshop, and launch our first product line in Spring 2017.

Thank you for choosing to come alongside our mamas as we all work to build a better nest!

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